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Playa-proofing your gear: Glad Pressn' Seal is magical stuff

by on Aug.22, 2005, under - Main Page -

Ever year, hundreds of electronic devices fall prey to a preventable
illness: Playa death.  I really didn't know what I was up against
the first time.  I wish someone said: “It's not a sand desert, you
understand; it's ancient lakebed silt.  Think of all your gear
covered by talcom powder.”

But there's hope: I've recently been fooling around with Glad's Press'n
Seal plastic wrap, which has a semi-tacky surface on one side and will
basically hug to anything you press it against.  It's almost like
shrink-wrapping your gear.  There's also the extra benefit of
being able to write whatever you want on it, which is great for
way-too-many-options software like Traktor. Check it out:

My DJ controller covered up.

Ta-da.. action product shot.  Glad, where's my coin?!

Some notes: This doesn't
protect your intake vent, so I would recommend taping some loose cloth
to it that's fairly breatheable.  Also I'm sure some laptops
dissapate heat through their keyboard, but I've had my running full
tilt for a few days and hasn't had any issues. Besides, at night it'll
get so frickin' cold it probably won't matter. 

A plea: I'm looking for a ride
from Reno (or even SF) to the playa, sometime between 26-29th.  I
haven't bought my ticket yet so my arrival time can fit to whenver
you'll get ther.

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  • Anonymous

    Just some comments on how well this worked:
    Amazingly! I ended up using a dried out wet-wipe as a vent cover and that seemed to allow great airflow and trap a good amount of dust. I know others have used furnace screen material to proof their tents, so that may work here as well.
    My only gotcha to pass on is take the stuff off as soon as you get back. If you leave it on too long the adhesive will bond with the plastic. The geometic pattern looks cool, but picks up dirt and whatnot, and not great for your screen.
    But still, overall, I recommend this as a way to save your precious gear!

  • Anonymous

    Pressn' Seal eh? Beautiful. so fucking beautiful!

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