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Mental Floss interview on PepperScott Television

by on Sep.21, 2009, under - Main Page -, Mixed Music, Original Music

I just found a copy of some video of me shot around 1999 for an early Internet video program called PepperScott Television. It's a bit dated, but an interesting take on myself at the time, what I had done, and where I was going.


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  • Anonymous

    I remember going to a small event where you and one or two other musicians performed. Wasn't that one of the POTS events?

  • Anonymous

    It may have been, except I was the only musician there — everyone else was DJing.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting for both a time and a place within technology, and a view into the world of the younger Mental Floss.

  • Anonymous

    your voice sounds really great on that video.
    it's like a warm digital distortion, thanks for posting -o1

  • Anonymous

    Hey thanks 🙂 It was an interesting point in time, and I'm gad the interview was done — now I can reflect on it (in different ways) 10+ years in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I remember very fondly listening to one or two of the POTS parties through the web. I can't remember how at I heard about them, I was listening from Wales UK also over 56k dialup and I think I went on IRC. I recorded it I think on cassette tape which I probably don't have anymore. I was just trying to put something together for an assignment and I could remember that Cornholio song! Will

  • Koichi Nakatani

    Hi Andrew,

    I met you at burningman 2000!
    How are you?
    Now I am in Chile with my family (wife and 2 sons) and I am going back to Japan via Toronto. I will stay in Toronto just for 7hours on 6th of May 2013. If we ever got chance to get together at airport for a few hours, that can be great! even not, just wanted to say hello. Ciao!

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