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First Promise Cherry Beach! (Toronto, Ontario)

by on Jun.16, 2007, under - Main Page -, Upcoming Gigs

I'm happy to be playing the first Promise Cherry Beach Sunday this coming weekend. There was some fear that they might not be able to continue but all's good.  Come out and chill in the sun!

hi, David and Irving here. We’re really  happy to announce that Sunday afternoons down at Cherry Beach will be  continuing this summer for the 6th year!
    With the controversy at the end of last summer, all winter long we were  concerned that we had reached an end of an era. After 5 years of sweet,  mellow anarchy and community in the sun, it was frustrating to think we  wouldn’t be able to listen to music and dance in the park with friends,  family and pets.
    We got lots of good advice from the Kensington Car Free Sundays people  Shamez and Kelsey, Jason from Councillor Joe Pantalone’s office, Ari  from the Trinity Bellwoods Tuesday drumming group, our smart political  friend Mike Layton, the Toronto Public Space Committee, Gregory Nixon  from Live with Culture, and Kevin and Lori from NewMindSpace, and went  into action this spring to encourage local councillor Paula Fletcher to  support us.
    Paula understood that this Sunday gathering is fantastic on many levels  and she was very willing to throw her support behind it. We wrote up a  proposal to the City and now they’ve given us a permit and blessing to  continue. This type of fun is a viable part of great cities like New  York, Paris, Montreal and Madrid. Toronto just got way cooler.
    Here’s the good news:
    this Sunday June 17th
Promise Cherry Beach Sunday Afternoon Soundsystem

    Bring a frisbee, bring a kite, bring a handy sweater, bring a dog (only  nice dogs), bring your lover and a hammock. And pass the time on this  lazy sunny Sunday afternoon with friends and friends of friends.
    3 to 11pm
    Dan Driscoll – trip hop
    Violet – dub reggae
    Hali – house
    Orly – retro and electro
    Rollin Cash – break beats from the birthday boy – congratulations Roland!       
    Adam Marshall – deep house and techno
    Mental Floss – deep groove
    Directions to Cherry Beach and the new location – With consideration to  ongoing construction and landscaping, the site may move around the park  from weekend to weekend, which is kind of interesting. We have a  meeting at the beach friday morning with Parks staff to determine the  location for this Sunday. We will email and let you know in the evening  just where it is.
    Biking to Cherry Beach is easy along the paths beside the lake, and a bus from Union Station goes there too.
    Things to think about – Please bring only what you plan to take back  out with you, leave no trace! Pack something warm (it gets cool after  dark by the lake) and something to sit on and also something to keep  sun off your head. Drink lots of water. Bring something to share.
    And remember how key it is to take care of your friends, your  neighbours, and what's going on around you. It's what makes Cherry  Beach happen smoothly.
    We have been asked by Parks to put a lid on public consumption of  alcohol, which is reasonable. It’s delicate and we have a trial permit,  so understand that alcohol in public spaces is not ok. David and Irving  will need to keep an eye out, so please don’t let us see any. We will  have friends helping to remind people of this over the weekend. If we  all cooperate here, then we get to have our good times.
    For the past 5 years the picnic’s been free. Now with the permit,  insurance, soundsystem and other weekly expenses, we’d like to ask for  your help. From time to time we’ll be passing around a hat, please  contribute as you are able. Thanks a lot!
    Looking for djs, bands and other performances
Over the course of the summer there’s about 80 djs, bands and  artists that perform. We’d love your help and suggestions and any  contacts you may have to make the performances happen. Last summer’s  stunning hit was the Jimmy Swift Band from Nova Scotia, arranged by our  friend Derek in synch with the band’s appearance at NXNE. If you’re  bringing in a dj or band or performance, ask them to make an appearance  at the beach part of their weekend in Toronto. They may embrace the  chance to play outdoors, away from the hype and lights of a club, to a  happy and enthusiastic crowd like ours. Think big and let us know.       
    We’d like to give our deep thanks to Pat and Councillor Paula Fletcher,  Sandy Straw and Jaime McCaig at Toronto Parks, Jason and Councillor Joe  Pantalone, the Toronto Public Space Committee, Shamez and Kelsey, Ari,  Mike, Jason, Kevin and Lori, Wade, Joey, Jonathan, Gregory, Charlotte,  Ayla, Katie, Lyen, Linda, Bettina and Emily, Justin, Tomasz, and  Robbi-Anne.
    And, most of all, please thank yourselves for the huge influx of  letters of support to city council. Pat and Paula told us how impressed  they were with them. Their office get lots of angry and aggressive  complaints. Your letters were refreshingly upbeat, mature and  personally engaging. Way to go everyone! We did it!
    Thanks for reading, see you Sunday!
    David and Irving

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