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Motorola Talkabout T6220's

by on Jul.04, 2004, under - Main Page -, Technology Lust

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I should really write something about these radios I picked up, because
they rock so hardcore.  I needed something that could get my
attention while I was near loud sound stages at music festivals, and
the Motorola Talkabout T6220 had a vibration feature, so it quickly
went to the top of my list.  I got two, then bought two more —
they're that good.  Aside from the vibration system, there's a
bunch of other nice features that came with it.

Some of  the good points:

  • 2 mile/4km range
  • 560 channels built on the FRS standard (14channels X 40 subchannels)
  • Vibration paging (very useful for music festivals)
  • Rugged enough for events like Burning Man (desert, talcom-powder like dust)
  • Can pick up emergency bad weather broadcasts, and the walkie will automatically switch over to them
  • “Privacy Codes” that scramble your transmissions, but sound really cool when you start to mix-and-match the codes between radios
  • Sexy red backlight that isn't too bright in dark situations
  • Can remain silent until you page/vibrate the other party

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