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Camera + Brown Man = Fear – Something's not right with this picture

by on Jul.09, 2004, under - Main Page -, Spew

It certainly sounds like an interesting time for people living in the United States, of all colours.  be not afraidI'm
not really political, so this isn't a politics rant, but I do have a
fair amount of angst against bullies.  Not that I was especially
picked on in my youth (there were times, you f*kers), but there are
some people in the world who just don't seem to offer that much value
to society and we would all probably be better off having them
removed.  Elsewhere. 

I've read other
articles (on the Internet, of course) about people being harassed and
detained for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But
there was something about this tale (maybe because he's a photographer as well) that really made me feel insecure. 

another reason I decided to write this up is to solicit some feedback
about the type of character drawn towards enforcement and security
professions.  The vast majority of police and security guards I've
met in Toronto (and surrounding areas) have been “good guys”. 
They may not be especially complicated and want to keep the situation
simple, (quite often, it can be simplified) but I do get the overall feeling that they want to do the right thing.

do not get this feeling from American law enforcement.  Sorry, I
just don't and it's from personal experience.  The characters I've
encountered (chatting them up on the street, walking in the wrong area,
general observation) seem more along the lines of the kid in a small
town who happened to build muscle easily, and spent their youth
enjoying their physical dominance (and the resulting popularity with
some social groups) over their peers.  They also never leave their
town.  And not all of these people are large hulking peace
officers — I'm just creating a character mould to give you an

A short example from a few years ago: I
was in downtown San Francisco at night, walking around without my
glasses because I had broken them, and walked along a length of
sidewalk that apparently had some sort of barrier setup to prevent me
from walking on it.  Yet I was walking there anyway.  A
little way into the Restricted Area a peace officer got my attention
and told me I shouldn't be there. 

“Yes, that sign over there.”
“Oh…” I said squinting, “.. oh sorry, I didn't notice it because I don't have my glasses on.”
“No you just didn't read it.”

…. You're right!  But was that really necessary?  Do you really value a good relationship with the community?

these sorts of characters that destroy a police's relationship with the
community they're charged to protect.  It's the same type of
characeters who enjoy a dominant role, regardless of its
appropriateness, and harassed Ian Spiers.  These bullies need to be dealt with.

do want to say though that the nicest officer I've met was a highway
patrolman in Michigan who pulled me over for my first (and so far,
only) speeding ticket.  There needs to be more guys like him.


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    Government is God, our beloved policemilitary officers deserve our utmost respect and unquestioning obedience. Let's all willingly submit to checkpoint interrogations and suprise home searches, otherwise terrorists might perpetrate another 9-11. Praise the cashless society control grid and the implantable beastID microchip, praise the new world order. Godverment advertainment happydrug compliantfreedom nicegood++++

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