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Playa-proofing your gear: Glad Pressn' Seal is magical stuff

by on Aug.22, 2005, under - Main Page -

Ever year, hundreds of electronic devices fall prey to a preventable
illness: Playa death.  I really didn't know what I was up against
the first time.  I wish someone said: “It's not a sand desert, you
understand; it's ancient lakebed silt.  Think of all your gear
covered by talcom powder.”

But there's hope: I've recently been fooling around with Glad's Press'n
Seal plastic wrap, which has a semi-tacky surface on one side and will
basically hug to anything you press it against.  It's almost like
shrink-wrapping your gear.  There's also the extra benefit of
being able to write whatever you want on it, which is great for
way-too-many-options software like Traktor. Check it out:

My DJ controller covered up.

Ta-da.. action product shot.  Glad, where's my coin?!

Some notes: This doesn't
protect your intake vent, so I would recommend taping some loose cloth
to it that's fairly breatheable.  Also I'm sure some laptops
dissapate heat through their keyboard, but I've had my running full
tilt for a few days and hasn't had any issues. Besides, at night it'll
get so frickin' cold it probably won't matter. 

A plea: I'm looking for a ride
from Reno (or even SF) to the playa, sometime between 26-29th.  I
haven't bought my ticket yet so my arrival time can fit to whenver
you'll get ther.

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