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Mental Floss interview on PepperScott Television

by on Sep.21, 2009, under - Main Page -, Mixed Music, Original Music

I just found a copy of some video of me shot around 1999 for an early Internet video program called PepperScott Television. It's a bit dated, but an interesting take on myself at the time, what I had done, and where I was going.


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DJing @ Harvest Festival 2009 (Ontario, Canada)

by on Sep.09, 2009, under - Main Page -, Upcoming Gigs

Well it's happening again, I'm playing at the annual Harvest Festival and it should, as always, rock. In fact the logo above has a shot of the tent stage I'll be playing in.

If you've never been, but live in the area, consider going. It's always filled with my favorite DJs of the area, is nice land and features good sound systems. I also ordered a new soundcard to DJ with, so either my set will sound awesome, or or it'll be silent while I figure out Why I Fail So Hard.

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Sandy McCallum Remembered

by on Nov.02, 2008, under - Main Page -, Bloggings

Sandy McCallum – my Great Acting Uncle

Just wanted to post a note about my gret uncle Sandy who passed away last week.  If any of you saw Death Race 2000 made in 1975, he was The President.  The only interesteing image I could find of him was a web writeup that you see displayed here — looks like that's where my brothers and I might have inherited our knack for making faces.  :) If you click the image, it should link to the official online writeup.

My dad sent me this Guest Book for him after I first posted this article.

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I'm kinda in recovery…

by on Jun.11, 2008, under - Main Page -

So on April 5th somehow I was hit by a train.  Pretty much damage is just to my skull.  And my ego.  I literally “woke up” only 3 weeks ago.

I think I was walking and didn't hear it coming, but I can't remember anything.

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Double-Whammy Weekend – Toronto's WinterCity and Luminescence (Sat Jan 26/08)

by on Jan.25, 2008, under - Main Page -

Well, looks like it's going to be a busy weekend for me; playing two awesome events in the city.  A little late to post on the site, but consider signing up to the mailing list.

The first is Toronto's WinterCity festival from 6:-7:30pm in the Lodge with some downtempo, curving to some uptempo.  It's a large tent in Nathan Phillips Square in front of city
hall.  It's a nice family-oriented event with lots of stuff to do and
look at.   Definitely explore through the links to find out all the cool little things going on.

The second event is Luminescence put on by a bunch of folks including Newmindspace, the group responsible for a lot of great spontaneous public space events like Pillow Fight, Light Saber Battle and Capture The Flag. My set starts at 1:30am, spinning breaks.

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Boreal DJ Mix – Moon River June 2007

by on Aug.01, 2007, under - Main Page -, Mixed Music

I had the opportunity to play at a Boreal canoe trip to Moon River the other week, and Andy Johnson was kind enough to record a good chunk of the set.  Thanks be to Andy!

Boreal’s generally a yearly (or twice yearly) canoe trip for 150 people organized primarily by Justin/Alieninflux who also does Harvest Festival, with assistance from a core group friends and all of us campers.

It’s a good mix of some minimal/dub techno, house and stuff in-between, and the crowd freakin’ rawked!  Completely prepared to have a good time and very appreciative of all the music for the night.

You can use the player below for instant gratification, or download it for your iPodding pleasure.

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Playing sometime @ re:Treat – Om Reunion Project

by on Jun.18, 2007, under - Main Page -, Upcoming Gigs

Just a heads up that I'll be playing at re:Treat, this year's gathering for old friends/new friends of the OM Sumer Solstice Festival.  I'll be arriving early this year on Thursday, so will probably play Thursday or Friday sometime.   I have to leave Saturday this year because of previous commitments :(  Come track me down at the festival for more specifics – it's always kinda fluid that way…

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First Promise Cherry Beach! (Toronto, Ontario)

by on Jun.16, 2007, under - Main Page -, Upcoming Gigs

I'm happy to be playing the first Promise Cherry Beach Sunday this coming weekend. There was some fear that they might not be able to continue but all's good.  Come out and chill in the sun!

hi, David and Irving here. We’re really  happy to announce that Sunday afternoons down at Cherry Beach will be  continuing this summer for the 6th year!
    With the controversy at the end of last summer, all winter long we were  concerned that we had reached an end of an era. After 5 years of sweet,  mellow anarchy and community in the sun, it was frustrating to think we  wouldn’t be able to listen to music and dance in the park with friends,  family and pets.
    We got lots of good advice from the Kensington Car Free Sundays people  Shamez and Kelsey, Jason from Councillor Joe Pantalone’s office, Ari  from the Trinity Bellwoods Tuesday drumming group, our smart political  friend Mike Layton, the Toronto Public Space Committee, Gregory Nixon  from Live with Culture, and Kevin and Lori from NewMindSpace, and went  into action this spring to encourage local councillor Paula Fletcher to  support us.
    Paula understood that this Sunday gathering is fantastic on many levels  and she was very willing to throw her support behind it. We wrote up a  proposal to the City and now they’ve given us a permit and blessing to  continue. This type of fun is a viable part of great cities like New  York, Paris, Montreal and Madrid. Toronto just got way cooler.
    Here’s the good news:
    this Sunday June 17th
Promise Cherry Beach Sunday Afternoon Soundsystem

    Bring a frisbee, bring a kite, bring a handy sweater, bring a dog (only  nice dogs), bring your lover and a hammock. And pass the time on this  lazy sunny Sunday afternoon with friends and friends of friends.
    3 to 11pm
    Dan Driscoll – trip hop
    Violet – dub reggae
    Hali – house
    Orly – retro and electro
    Rollin Cash – break beats from the birthday boy – congratulations Roland!   

Freakin' on Fife – Guelph, Ontario

by on Jun.16, 2007, under - Main Page -, Upcoming Gigs

For those in Guelph, here's a nice little event out on a farm with a bunch of friends from the OM Festival.


Shoo Rabbit Crew Presents…

  ~ A summer solstice phenomenon ~

Saturday June 16th, 2007
  7081 Fife Road, Guelph

7pm till ???

~ With musical guests ~

Mentalfloss – consistently inconsistent (
  Mike Lambert -tripped out techno, dubbed out house (Sumkidz, Dickard & Bobert)
  Jonah K. – dark drum n' bass (Sumkidz)
  Spazzmonk – jungle/breaks (IBS, Sumkidz)
  Violet – dubby niceness (Purrpelle, Sumkidz)
  Katikata – funkhouse
  Karma – roots n' dancehall
  Pype – live
  + other special guests

~ Join us for a night of dancing under stars in the beauty of rural
  Guelph! Go for a walk in the bush, carouse in the kitchen, zone out by
  the bonfire, dance in the grass, trip out in the fields inhabited by
  zillions of crickets and frogs! Surrounded by 80 acres of soya and
  wheat fields the only addition to perfection is your precious
  presence! ~

  – A tent
  – sleeping bag/blanket
  – some vegetables/fruit to donate to the kitchen
  – waterproof shoes
  – snacks
  – bugspray
  – sunscreen
  – treats to share
  – BYO Vibe : enhancements to your attitude may be available but come prepared

** Lots of room for fire dancers to play so bring your poi/staff
  Smokers: please bring a tin or film canister to dispose of your butts.
  Also, bring a bathing suit if it's hot on Sunday and we take a drive
  to a local watering hole!

**NO COVER but a small $ donation (sugg $5-$10) to cover costs of
  sound and donations to artists is appreciated and encouraged**

**PARTY INFO: 519.821.6505**


DID YOU KNOW?? The fife is a simple instrument usually consisting of a
  tube with 6 finger holes,and diatonically tuned. It is made of wood,
  usually grenadilla or rosewood & sometimes bamboo.

African-American fife and drum music can be traced back to the Civil war.
  But in the hands of slaves, the stiff, formalized music used to direct
  military movements was transformed by the same African syncopations and
  poly-rhythms that eventually gave birth to jazz and blues. In a time when
  drumming by slaves was forbidden, the fife and drum was an acceptable
  outlet. Many dancers “salute” the drums with pelvic movements not unlike
  traditional dances from Africa, Haiti and the West Indies. Otha Turner was
  one of the best known African American fife players, he passed away in
  2003 at the age of 94.
  Go here to find a link to Turner's “Shimmy She Wobble”


Directions from Toronto/Guelph
  Hwy 401 West towards Guelph
  Exit Hwy 6 North (Exit 295)
  Exit at Wellington Street (Wellington, Cambridge, Acton)
  Take a Left at Wellington (west – Provincial Route 7, Prov Route 24)
  Go 3 Lights on Wellington Street (you will pass a 24 Hr Tim Hortons &
  Gas Station at Imperial Road)
  Take a Right at Fife Road (NB: STREET IS NOT WELL MARKED) – Fife is
  one street past Imperial Road
  Go until 7081 Fife Road (Approx 3 miles on your left)

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Spore fundraiser for Burning Man art project – Ottawa May 12th

by on Apr.06, 2007, under - Main Page -

To anyone who's in Ottawa or has friends there, I invite you to come
check out Spore, a fundraiser for the Mushroom Kingdom art project
destined for Burning Man this year.  Note that you'll have to commit to
it early, so drop them an email if you'd like to come out.

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